Head Office: 3454-6 Irino, Kuroshio-cho, Hata-gun, Kochi 789-1931, Japan

Research Lab: Department of Pharmacology, Kochi University School of Medicine, Kohasu, Oko-cho, Nankoku-city, Kochi  783-0006, Japan

Minamikaze Pharmacy: 5-23-2, Echizen-cho, Tosashimizu-city, Kochi 787-0331, Japan

Hirakata Office: 2-12-31, Shodainakamachi, Hirakata-city, Osaka 573-1152, Japan

Organizational Chart

Our Staff (Introduction written by the President)

Akizawa Toshifumi

President, O-Force
Specially Appointed Professor, Kochi University School of Medicine
I am from Kuroshio-cho, which is anticipated to have a 33m tsunami during the Nankai Trough earthquake. Despite my rough appearance and behavior, many people like my charming personality, as they say. I an experiment-loving old man with good health, although my words and actions are sometimes found incomprehensible. My resolution has been "No smoking from tomorrow," but tomorrow never comes. I dream of developing a new drug before I get dementia and cause more trouble to others.

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Rina Nakamura

Director, Catalytide Research Lab, O-Force
Specially Appointed Researcher, Kochi University School of Medicine
Rina contributed to the discovery of Catalytide while she was a pharmacology student at Setsunan University. She is currently the managing director of O-Force. She obtained many awards national and international conferences and is a leading researcher in Catalytide. In March 2022, she obtained a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Tokyo University of Science. Very good at English and is willing to learn more technical words, which she is not so good at right now. She loves her motor bikes (owning Yamaha Bolt 950cc). She also loves travels and visits Hawaii every year with her family. She likes Kochi which is facing Pacific Ocean like her loving Hawaii.

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Junichiro Inoue

Senior Researcher, O-Force
Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo
Specially Appointed Professor, Administrative Director, The University of TOkyo Pandemic preparedness, Infection and Advanced research center (UTOPIA)
Specializes in molecular biology of carcinogenesis and malignant transformation/metastasis of cancer. Since his retirement in 2020, he has been engaged in the development of therapeutic drugs for novel coronavirus infections as a specially appointed professor. He and Dr. Akizawa have been close friends since working together at the Cancer Institute of the Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research. His role is to lead the team in order to achieve the innovative development and research of novel peptide-based coronavirus therapeutics for O-force. He loves walking his dog.

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Zou Suo

Researcher, O-Force
Specially Appointed Researcher, Kochi University School of Medicine
Zou Suo joined O-Force after receiving her PhD in March 2023. She specializes in basic research on urination and is highly skilled in animal experiments. She has been living in Kochi since her master's program after graduating from a university in China. She is fluent in Chinese, English, and Japanese and loves Kochi. She is currently learning swimming, which is required for joining O-Force. Her favorite food is pot noodle.

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Yoshihiro Hayashi

Researcher, O-Force
Technical Specialist, Equipment Support Strategy Office, Kochi University
He is skilled in immunostaining and electron microscopy and is Rina's technical supervisor. His hobby is hard rock music which his calm smile may not suggest. He loves cakes and enjoys tea time with Rina.

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Fumiaki Ito

Academic Advisor, O-Force
Professor Emeritus, Setsunan University
Director, Research Institute of Preventive Pharmacology
Graduated from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Tokyo. He is the opposite personality of President Dr. Akizawa and avoids rough appearance and behavior. Having said that, he somehow gets along with Dr. Akizawa and giving a great support for O-Force's dream. His hobby is athletics, running through the mountains of Ikoma, Nara to maintain his physical fitness.

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